ShopSmol is an easy to use online marketplace designed to help small business owners survive and grow their sales through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on small businesses throughout the world. On the onset of the lockdowns in the Spring of 2020, local small business entrepreneur Coleby Kauffman, owner of Tastecraft and Black Dog Jewelers in northcentral PA, noticed that other businesses were having difficulty pivoting to digital platforms or integrating them into their daily operations. After pivoting both of his businesses to be able to handle more digital business, Coleby began working on a platform in his spare time with the distant hope of being able to develop something that could be offered and used to other businesses to help them get through the upcoming Fall/Winter holiday shopping season which experts predicting might be particularly brutal with decaying consumer confidence and spending. The product? ShopSmol.

ShopSmol was designed and built by a small business owner in the Susquehanna Valley of Central, PA. It is designed with features that are aimed to help address the specific needs of small businesses, such as ease of use, easy payments, and the ability for customers to shop online and pickup in-store. Since launch we have added numerous new features including auction items, bookable products, town landing pages, support plans, marketing support, and more! We are constantly working to add new features to meet the needs of our vendors.

ShopSmol was designed to keep costs as low as possible, understanding that small businesses need extra help through the pandemic. In order to keep the platform functioning and be able to add additional features in the future, the following pricing structure is in effect:

  • It is free to sign up and create your shop!
  • You choose the right plan for you, each offering different features. See the plans below.
  • Selling a physical or digital product has between a 1-5% fee in addition to credit card processing fee (2.9% + 0.30ea transaction) depending on your plan (Basic, Pro, or Elite)
  • There is no vendor fee for 501c3 non-profits except for credit card processing fee (2.9% + 0.30ea transaction)

Any small business that has less than 50 employees is eligible to join. This includes brick and mortar stores as well as at-home businesses. Non-profit organizations of any size are also eligible to join.

Click here to and then select “Register” to apply. We will review your application and once approved, you will be able to start listing and selling products. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for detailed information regarding using ShopSmol.


ShopSmol was designed by a small business entrepreneur from the Susquehanna Valley, understanding that small business owners have a lot on their plate already and that a complex online system would be too much work for many. The solution? An easy to use platform that can be integrated seamlessly into the existing operations of a small business.

ShopSmol was designed with the goal of keeping costs low for its vendors. Choose your plan that best meets your business or organizations needs!

ShopSmol offers a vast array of features to its vendors to use to create an elegant shop page that displays their store information, products, contact into, ability to communicate with customers, and more!

One of the core features that ShopSmol offers that is unique from other platforms is that it allows a vendor to set up its own shipping costs as well as offer in-store pickup. This means that a vendor can put their products on their shop page, have their customers make their purchase online, and then elect to come to the store to pick up their items. This is a great way to safely manage store crowds while still getting customers into their store this Holiday season. Traditional shipping methods are offered as well.

We just added auction functionality. Vendors can use this to auction off special one of a kind items, or non-profits can use it to hold a fundraiser. The possibilities are endless!

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