We have a new platform! We will now be hosting our online auctions here on ShopSmol. This new platform is more secure and allows us more tools to customize a better and more exciting experience for you as well as allowing us to showcase items better without spamming. It is also more precise, eliminating situations where multiple bids are placed at the exact same moment. Finally, it allows a much cleaner way to navigate through the pieces rather than scrolling through a lengthy list (and some of those recent lists were very lengthy). The auction begins June 7th and ends June 14th!

First, log in to your ShopSmol account (if you don’t have an account, click here to register). Once logged in, navigate through all of the sections of the auction to see all of the pieces. When you start to find pieces that you want to bid on, you can add them to your Wishlist if the auction hasn’t started yet, or you can start bidding by clicking on the item and entering your bids on the item page. You can track all of your bids on the item itself, or your “My Account” page.

When the auction ends, the winners will be immediately emailed that they won and with a link to payment. Each item will send a separate email. When you pay, you will be able to indicate if you want your items shipped or if you want to pick them up in-store (we will notify you when they are ready to pick up). If you purchased a ring, please indicate in the comments section what size you want the ring to be. If you plan on picking up your items, you can be measured for size then.

Auction Has Begun!

Bidding Closes Monday June 14th at 9PM EST!

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