Introducing ShopSmol, An Online Marketplace For Small Business

We are excited to announce the launch of ShopSmol, an online marketplace created for small businesses in the Susquehanna River Valley to aid them in selling their products online and easily integrating into their existing business practices, while allowing customers and easy to use platform to find and support our local businesses.

ShopSmol was created by local entrepreneur Coleby Kauffman, owner of Tastecraft and Black Dog Jewelers, beginning at the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak which forced unprecedented restrictions on small businesses, forcing many to scramble to find ways to adapt and innovate in order to stay operational. Coleby noticed that there was no clear and easy way for a business that may not have had a huge online presence before to easily integrate online sales into their business operations. In his spare time, he began to work on a web-based platform that would be do just that, and over the summer of 2020, that became ShopSmol.

One of the big reasons for developing ShopSmol, from Coleby’s perspective, was the uncertainty surrounding the Fall/Winter 2020 Holiday shopping season. As so many small businesses heavy depend on strong Q4 sales for them to be able to survive, the prospects of decayed consumer confidence due to increased Covid-19 transmission or even possible another lockdown were huge red flags. Without some type of plan to mitigate this potential reality, it is realistic to expect a significant portion of our small businesses might be forced with the decision to close, and that could lead to a chain-reaction of additional closures.

Drawing on experience from this past Spring where Coleby fully integrated his companies Black Dog Jewelers and Tastecraft online, he noticed that people want to support small businesses now more than ever, but they need a safe and efficient way to do it. Enter ShopSmol.

ShopSmol offers rich features such as easy shop creation which allows a business to create their own dedicated page on ShopSmol where they can display their store information, their products, contact to customers directly, and so much more. A store using ShopSmol can set up their own shipping procedures and even allow a customer to shop online and elect to pickup their purchase in-store or by curbside, which makes an easy and safe way for the business to manage crowds during the Holidays while still getting the customer in the store.

Businesses are encouraged to sign up for free to create their store page and offer gift cards and certificates for sale, which is yet another great way to encourage managed in-store sales.

Customers who want to support our local small businesses are encouraged to follow their favorite stores that join and check back frequently to see more additions. Easily navigate to the stores of local towns by clicking “Shop By Town” on the ShopSmol homepage.

We look forward to seeing is ShopSmol provides a beneficial impact for our small business community through the end of the year and beyond!

When shopping for Holiday gifts this year, don’t forget to ShopSmol!

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