If This is a Man (The London Folio Society Edition)


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VG hardcover with slipcase. 2000 London Folio Society Edition, with an Introduction by FredericC Raphael and etchings by Jane Joseph. Translated by Stuart Woolf.
Primo Levi was an Italian Jewish chemist, writer, and Holocaust survivor. If This Is a Man (1947) (U.S.: Survival in Auschwitz), is his account of the year he spent as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. With the moral stamina and intellectual pose of a twentieth-century Titan, this slightly built, dutiful, unassuming chemist set out systematically to remember the German hell on earth, steadfastly to think it through, and then to render it comprehensible in lucid, unpretentious prose. What has survived in Levi’s writing isn’t just his memory of the unbearable, but also his delight in what made the world exquisite to him.

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If This is a Man (The London Folio Society Edition)